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The inDeals Initiative

The Blackwood Business Network (The Blackwood District Chamber of Commerce Inc) has developed the inDeals online initiative to support the trading potential of local businesses. The inDeals website is a 'group buying' site similar to other successful online deals sites such as Groupon, that have emerged over recent years internationally.


This initiative supports the Mission and Vision of the Blackwood Business Network (BBN) as outlined below:



The mission of the BBN as outlined in the BBN Business Plan (update August 2009), is to “facilitate business growth that is consistent with the community’s economic, environmental, cultural and social aspirations. …The BBN is business-driven, (and) understands that it is (local) business and the community …which must take responsibility for a better Blackwood and that the role of the BBN is therefore to make a difference in shaping and creating the future.”

Given these objectives, the BBN aims to serve it’s business community through offering appropriate and timely services, support structures and initiatives guided by contemporary trends, consumer and community demand.


How it Works



Marketing and Sales

Our marketing approach is intended to ensure our site is promoted locally and more broadly using the most popular advertising mediums. This will include local and regional papers, cross internet linkages, print media and social media. 

We will also assist our businesses in crafting their deals to ensure they are targeted to consumer needs and He is responsible for that dailydeals an enjoyable experience for members and affiliates.

Customer Service

Whether it's a comment, suggestion, complaint or a simple question, we will acknolwedge your communication and respond withing 72 hours.



Administration of inDeals


Our Location
PO Box 561
Blackwood, SA 5051
General Inquiries:
E: admin@indeals.com.au
0477 209 782
I'nl:  +61 477 209 782
Customer Service:
E: admin@indeals.com.au
0477 209 782
I'nl:  +61 477 209 782
Help and Support:
E: admin@indeals.com.au
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